SmartLab Global Academy is a complementary online series featuring live interactive webinars and on-demnd sessions with hand-picked case studies by pharmaceutical industry experts and thought leaders all focused on digital excellence within the laboratory

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What is the SmartLab Global Academy?

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What Topics Will be Covered?

IT Security – Interoperability & Data Integrity

Connected Labs & IoT

Data Standards & Compliance

Furthering the Potential of your Lab

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Day 1 - Monday, 6th November 2017

Topic: Furthering the Potential of your Lab

Session 1: 11am - 12pm GMT

Title: The Future of Lab Informatics

Speaker: Scott Weiss. VP Product Strategy, IDBS


Day 2 - Tuesday, 7th November 2017

Topic: Furthering the Potential of your Lab

Session 2: 2pm - 3pm GMT

Title Integrated Informatics for Biologics Discovery

Speaker: Robert D Brown, VP Product Marketing & Stephen Manning, Principal Application Scientist, Dotmatics

Session 3: 3:30pm - 4:30pm GMT

Title: Infrastructure is Data Too

Speaker: Jennifer Heymont, Bioinformatician, Eisai Research Institute

Session 4: On-Demand

Title: Kick Start Collaboration and Productivity with Smart
Lab Planning

Speaker: Bernard t’Serstevens, Senior Manager, International QC, GSK

Session 1: 11am - 12pm GMT

Title: Data integrity risks addressed by a digitalized lab

Speaker: Roberto Castelnovo, Owner of NL42 Consulting | Paperless Lab Academy

Session 2: 1:30pm - 2:30pm GMT

TitleUX for R&D life sciences

Speaker: Paula de Matos, Project Manager for UX/UCD at Pistoia Alliance

Session 3: 3pm - 4pm GMT

Title: Simplifying Digital Strategies – Moving Beyond
Point Solutions in Lab Informatics

Speaker: Steve Hayward, Product Marketing Manager, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA

Day 3 - Wednesday, 8th November 2017

Topic: Data Management: Standards & Compliance

Session 1: On-Demand

Title: Repurpose & Recycle - Getting the Most From Your Archived Data

Speaker: Paul-James Jones, Lead IT Business Consultant, Boehringer Ingelheim

Session 2: On-Demand

TitleAniML Data Standards

Speaker: Burkard Schaefer, Lead Architect at AnIML

Day 4 - Thursday, 9th November 2017

Topic: Interoperability, Data Integrity & Security

Session 1: 11am - 12pm GMT

Title: IT Security In The Lab - Interoperability & Integrity

Speaker: Jan Hauss, Head of R&D LIMS IT Manager, Merck KGaA

Session 2: On-Demand

TitleAchieve Total Data Integrity & Security in the Lab

Speaker: Ed Ferrara, CISO at CSL Behring

Day 5 - Friday, 10th November 2017

Topic: Connected Labs & Harnessing the IoT

Session 2: On-Demand

TitleFuture-Proof Your Connected Lab

Speaker: Associate Director- Future Lab Technologies and Automation, MedImmune

Session 3: On-Demand

Title: On Demand: Panel Discussion: Unlocking Innovation in the Lab

Speakers: Vassilios Pantazopoulos, Associate Director, R&D IT, Biogen

Bindu Raghavan, R&D IT Platform Lead, Monsanto

Jeffrey Klofft, VP R&D, Digital Solutions, PerkinElmer

Eli Groban, Senior Manager, BioNano Research, Autodesk

Moderated by Carmen Nitsche, Executive Director, Business Development, Pistoia Alliance

Session 1: 3pm - 4pm GMT

Title: The path to digital transformation in life science

Speaker: Alok Tayi, PhD, Co-founder & CEO, TetraScience


Who is Presenting?

Media Partners

Leading Partners

Billy Nicholson

Head of Online

+44 (0) 2073689431

Session 3: 5pm - 6pm GMT

TitleCold Chain Data Monitoring and IoT Connectivity – More than Just Temperature Control

Speaker:Evan Whitelock, Product Marketing, Aeris

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